Sunday, October 31, 2010

Makers Fair!

Yesterday was amazing! The Maker's Fair turned out great. It was so much fun. We made a new friend, got to see lots of old friends, ate delish brownies, sold some stuff and bartered alot more. I will have pics up soon of some of the great things we got (including a toadstool!) and some pics of our booth. It is happening again this coming sat. so if you are not going to the wedding (which is why we cant go) then you should go check it out. It is right across the st. from minicini on common and texas st.

Today was used to relax. Just watched Say Anything, slept, and now I am going to do homework. Kind of excited bc Landon gets back in town tonight.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Campfires, fireflies, fireants

Tonight I will be going to a campfire cookout with Les at our work. You know, singing songs with the kids like we are back on the prairie. Then we will be working like crazy to get things ready for the Craft Fair tomorrow.

Like crazy, yall. It is seriously insane how long we waited.

Then I will just be missing Landon who is going to a happening place in the world called Videlia (sp?) where he will be recording a cd in a weekend (that he wrote in a week).
Im still jealous of his and chels and kyle's (of Gashcat, who is recording him) musical talent. Which is not subsided by the reassuring 'but youre good at art. not everyone can paint'. Bc... who doesn't want to be a great singer?

So while he is gone Im sure Les and I will be belting out some great tunes while we sew, paint, scramble this weekend. (growing up with her was alot like being in a big echo-y cathedral/ concert hall. we would try to see who could get the loudest. she always won, being the blackest one out of us, the one who wanted to be an opera singer).

Any good sing along choices?

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


This would make my life a whole lot easier:
internet at my house.

Then I could study in the comfort of my home, work on this blog, post pictures of my art, look up inspiring photos and...

ok, and watch a lot of netflix.

Landon and I are currently making our way through Mad Men. We are on season 1... episode 2. I've got a date with him right now so gooooodbyyyyye.

Monday, October 11, 2010

art! (dolly parton, pirate girl, collage based off my fave artist work, oil painting, wildhearts)

Normally I would upload a few pictures at a time, but I wanted to go ahead and get as many pictures up at once so this can be a portfolio of sorts. And as I create more recent works I can add them and it will (ideally) be kept up to date.

The artwork posted so far is mostly from 2007-2010. All of the watercolors are from my watercolor class I took last year. Most of the ink and pencil drawings are just from my sketchpad. Alot of them are just of girls I copied from magazines (they are always available to model).
Hope you enjoy!

To contact me for any art/commissions email me at
or call me at 318-426-4694

birds, vivian westwood, girl and hands

pencil drawings

ink! drawings


and more...

more watercolors...


Fall 2009