Sunday, July 11, 2010


Day 3 of our Wild Heart Road trip (to Houston to stay with MomSue and Rox)

The Beach left us with handprints and botched sunburns. Trying to put on your own sunscreen is a baaad idea. The wind at Galveston, along with the clouds plays tricks and ... ok, honestly we wanted some sun. Craved it... and saw it as our one chance to tan in ocean waters. We are pretty exhausted and about to watch Dr. Who with MomSue. (I've never really seen much of it, so far... confusing)

Day 2:
Shopping (for me, window shopping.. ps Buffalo Exchange is amazing)
Car towed (parking is dumb)
Out to eat at Gringo's with Ecca Baby (mine + Les's cousin)

Day 1:
Stopped at awesome folk art shop
Looked online at rings

Back Home Tomorrow!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sweet Louisiana

Landon's friend Jobi was getting married last weekend so we made the trip down south to attend. It was a small wedding in a beautiful backyard. It was a fun trip all around.

I read Through the Looking Glass for the first time on our way to New Orleans and back. It was nonsensical and wonderful just like I thought it would be.