Tuesday, June 12, 2012

When I go on photo shoots I like to bring someone to help me. Sometimes I will ask the person I am shooting if they want to bring someone along to make them feel comfortable so I can get natural, relaxed shots, but my favorite person to bring with me is my best friend and sister Lesli. She really is the best at helping people "enjoy the moment". Here are some reasons why she is so great at helping me capture some amazing emotion.

She shows them how to pose.


                                                      Brings out their beautiful smile.

Teaches them the Benton Bend.

Keeps them active when they start to fade.

Has plenty of moves.

And is always encouraging.

We always have a great time. 

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My Power Animal May be a Deer, but I Really Identify With Birds

This is an art piece that I am putting in a women's art show. I wanted to paint my profile, bc of my love/hate relationship with my nose. Let's just say that now that I have grown into it I love it, but there was a time in my teens and even childhood that I daydreamed of having surgery. Now I would never dream of getting rid of something so uniquely mine. 

Here are some photos from original photograph to the finished product. Though I don't think I did a perfect job getting all of the proportions right, it is still recognizable as a self portrait. It took a while to get the nose right... fitting I suppose. : )