Monday, November 22, 2010

Sister love

This is my beautiful seester, Lesli Michelle, better known as Loulou, and
These are just a few reasons why I lub her so!

She lets me come over and use her inter-web
and hang out in her super cute, super cozy room.
She is so funny, and always making me laugh.
She makes these adorable bows.
Again, she has a great sense of humor.
She is always making cute and tasty things to eat!
Her glasses that really make her eyes pop. ;)
Her dedication. (this is a picture of her classroom)
Her gorgeous locks.
She is so xhairxcorex.
She is my besfran!

Exciting/ bumming news

Landon is leaving for a month of touring in Feb. with Gashcat and elephantapple and his new band Engine. I hate when he leaves for so long! (coming home for 1 month and then leaving for another!)

The exciting news for me though is a project that I will be doing on here with Landon while he is gone... I will share more later! Closer to Feb.

Maybe I can get tour dates to put up here as well.


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Someone should hire me to think of ways for them to procrastinate, bc I am awesome at it.

Hopefully, this fall break I will be able to accomplish the few small tasks I have planned:

.study for finals
.hang with bestie trevis
.help sarah with wedding plans
.work on mural
.finish Water for Elephants
.secret project
.paint at least one painting
.post at least 3 new pics on here and flikr

We will see!
Hope everyone enjoys their Thanksgiving (my fave holiday ever!)