Friday, October 29, 2010

Campfires, fireflies, fireants

Tonight I will be going to a campfire cookout with Les at our work. You know, singing songs with the kids like we are back on the prairie. Then we will be working like crazy to get things ready for the Craft Fair tomorrow.

Like crazy, yall. It is seriously insane how long we waited.

Then I will just be missing Landon who is going to a happening place in the world called Videlia (sp?) where he will be recording a cd in a weekend (that he wrote in a week).
Im still jealous of his and chels and kyle's (of Gashcat, who is recording him) musical talent. Which is not subsided by the reassuring 'but youre good at art. not everyone can paint'. Bc... who doesn't want to be a great singer?

So while he is gone Im sure Les and I will be belting out some great tunes while we sew, paint, scramble this weekend. (growing up with her was alot like being in a big echo-y cathedral/ concert hall. we would try to see who could get the loudest. she always won, being the blackest one out of us, the one who wanted to be an opera singer).

Any good sing along choices?

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