Monday, October 11, 2010

art! (dolly parton, pirate girl, collage based off my fave artist work, oil painting, wildhearts)

Normally I would upload a few pictures at a time, but I wanted to go ahead and get as many pictures up at once so this can be a portfolio of sorts. And as I create more recent works I can add them and it will (ideally) be kept up to date.

The artwork posted so far is mostly from 2007-2010. All of the watercolors are from my watercolor class I took last year. Most of the ink and pencil drawings are just from my sketchpad. Alot of them are just of girls I copied from magazines (they are always available to model).
Hope you enjoy!

To contact me for any art/commissions email me at
or call me at 318-426-4694

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