Tuesday, September 25, 2012

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Working at a school and still going to school can be exhausting. I am slowly getting back into the (non-summer/ rest of the year) routine.  Going back to the job was not as hard as going back to being a student.

As far as work goes: I am happy that this year I am starting off a little more prepared for my art classes with a month or two planned in advance. I am excited for the upper class, because with only 4 students we will be able to do lots of fun things like go on field trips and make bigger messes. : ) In the classroom I have noticed the difference a summer off has made. My patience has been renewed and the kids are cute again.

Mrs. B recommended a book for me to read and I would recommend it to any one. It really has a lot to do with my new outlook on working with children. It is called "Loving Our Kids on Purpose". I would like to post a longer review on it later.

Photo of me wearing a shirt designed/printed
by my awesome brother Dylan Hillman of
Art Punch and Camille, my fellow
chicken-leg having friend.

School: let's just put it this way: I have lots of homework due tomorrow and I felt it pertinent that I update my blog. right. now. I am taking Practical Math and Non-Profit Organizations. They are not hard classes; it is just hard to stay motivated when I feel like my life is somewhere else. The fun, exciting things and even the feelings of 'I have to get this done!' are all in other places. Not at school. My school.

It gets confusing when you work at a school and can call school, work, but then you have homework and that can be your schoolwork or I could say it referring to the school where I work, but then why wouldn't I just call it work, oh wait bc I have another job or two and I could be talking about those places of work except to make it even more confusing one of my other jobs is in the same building bc I work in my church nursery which is also where the school is located so at any time I could say "I am going to school, I mean church, I mean work, I mean work at the church, I mean schoolwork church that uh, yea" and you would just have to guess by the day and time when I said it. And then it is kind of like a puzzle. And that makes confusing things more fun.

For the future:
I go to school: LSUS
I attend church and work in the nursery: CC
I work at a school: CCS (in a classroom and in an art room)