Wednesday, October 10, 2012

What do you do when you attend a workshop? Make sure your best friend comes along too. Mine being fellow Wild heart Amy Lynn Scott Treme (photographer and collector of all things vintage) made for an especially fun and exciting time. The photographers that attended were split into 4 groups. And guess who was in group one. Yea, that's right, me and Amy, the ones who have never been to a workshop before. Amy was all game, but I was nervous.

The best way to relax your nerves is to laugh, at least that's what my body tells itself when I get uncomfortable (Amy, sorry again for the time I laughed in your face when you told me Shotgun ate your new glasses; sorry girl at my 4th grade camp who happened to open the door when I was spraying it with bug spray, oh, just about eye level). Anyways, Amy was here to help those nerves of mine by serving up some delicious shots like this one here:

My Best Friend: funny, creative, beautiful.

The models, Jacob and Lillie Duncan are really married. How cute is that!

So these are some more photos of what we were SUPPOSED to be shooting, but we were in a beautiful location with PERFECT lighting with nothing but time and cameras on our hands. What were we to do, but keep taking pictures of each other? Right, my thoughts exactly. So in-between taking pictures of these beautiful creatures we snapped a few shots of each other. 

I would like to apologize here for the terrible editing. I just recently got Photoshop and am still learning how to do this. I am most pleased with the shots that looked great even before editing, like that last one of the couple on the farm.

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