Thursday, October 13, 2011

fun weekends!

Tonight after enjoying MONJUNI'S with my honey and some friends I am sitting at home trying to come up with a drawing/painting to make prints of for the MAKER'S FAIR on Nov. 5.
I know the design is good if I want to keep it and hang it on my own walls instead of selling it. So, just trying to think of something I want to hang in my house.

This weekend is going to be a blast. There were several things for us to choose from to do: tonight: Water Works kickoff at Mini Cine. Fri.: Dignan show at The Naked Bean and official Water Works show at the Water Museum Sat: Dignan show at Finnagen's Wake in Alexandria and house party at a friend's. We have chosen the most expensive of all the plans, but they each seemed worth it. I may have pictures of some of the mentioned events, bc I got a new camera to replace the one I broke on our honeymoon.

And above here is a picture proving my love for Polar (po.lar) even though I deemed our house too small for him and he had to move in to Jordan aaaaand showing off my new bangs.

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