Tuesday, August 2, 2011

For the Love of ...

I am not ready to go back to school, work and such. I am not ready for summer to end!!! This is my last week of freedom and I am spending it writing (or pretending to write) a presentation to give at school (the work school) and working on the school yearbook for 2010-2011.

I am also sad that I did not complete more works of art or write any songs like I had planned... but I did get married ya'll. I'd say it was a summer well spent. Oh and I have learned to cook a zillion new things on my hundreds of new kitchen machines. That is so mething, right? (It is all about allrecipes.com)

Biggest news of all is that the mural that my friend Anna and I have spent nearly 2. 3 years on... is in its last stages. I prob have one or two more days of painting, then the varnish and the ... hanging!!!

Back to writing, hanging out with my sis (also writing a presentation... we decided to procrastinate together) and eating snickerdoodles.

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