Sunday, November 15, 2009

Wild Hearts (4 Life)

Around our neighborhood of Highland there are several gangs. The 26 Bears, 318 kings, Gorilla Crew, and the most ferociously feared, awesomely beautiful, intimidatingly awesome WILD HEARTS. This is their (our) story.

On a fall night in 2007, Amy and I were walking down a street. My pink bandanna that had once been on my leg fell, so I put it on my head. Amy said, "You look like you are in a gang."

"I am in a gang."

both of us laugh and then I (in my characteristic excited moment that always scares Landon bc I jump suddenly and gasp an incredible amount of air) say

"Can we really be a gang?!"

Amy laughs, "Of course."


"Can we be called the Wild Hearts?"

"Of course."

"Awesome. I always wanted to be in a gang."

From then on there was no stopping us. From hanging our posters or redecorating the boys' rooms.

More stories on this later.

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