Friday, April 10, 2015

Happy National Sibling Day!

As a girl with two sisters and two brothers I am intrigued by family dynamics.  I really love being from a big family and consider my sisters (ok, and brothers) my best friends. I love getting to know how other people feel about those they grew up with. Those hooligans that lived with you helped shape you at your most impressionable stage of life! So here is the first (in hopefully a series) of interviews with sisters.

I first met Ciara at a Foxy Shazam show. My brother Dylan was excited to introduce us because "she has awesome style and she is really cool".  Obviously he saw more in her than that because a year later  they started dating. I asked Ciara if I could shoot her and her sister Laura because they do have great style and are absolutely, breathtakingly beautiful. They always get asked if they are twins because of their matching golden hair, long legs, and the fact that they can often be found at each other's side wearing similar outfits.  Intimidating beauty aside, they are both very sweet and definitively different from one another. I hoped to catch some of those differences in these photos and have them tell a little about themselves to help put the twin question to rest. :)

How far apart are you in age?
Ciara: We are 4 and a half years apart.

What is your first memory of your sister?
Ciara: I remember Laura being a tiny baby and my mom allowing me to hold her only when I was sitting down on the couch for a short, supervised period of time.

Laura:  Trying to think back to childhood memories chronologically is really hard, but one of the earliest memories is one year around Easter when I was probably around two our parents bought these colored baby chickens for us and I remember me and Ciara out in the front yard playing with them. Another one (not sure if it came before or after) is this time me and Ciara were sitting on the living room floor eating potato chips and at the time I thought potato chips were huge and took little bites into them but I saw Ciara put a whole potato chip in her mouth and then I tried to do that and ended up choking.

Favorite memory?
C: Seeing our favorite bands together and always having someone to dance and sing along to every word with.
L: There’s too many!!! My favorite memory would fall somewhere between the road trips, shows we go to together, or just our crazy random somewhat philosophical talks and debates.

Y'all seem really close- was that always the case?
C: Yep, we often talk about "having the same brain", and it's been like that for as far as I can remember.
L:  Yes!!!! 

Worst fight?
C: Other than fighting over stolen clothes and possessions, the closest thing to a fight that we've had was the time when we were little kids, and I jokingly dared Laura to punch me in the stomach. She did, and it knocked the breath out of me.
L: I honestly don’t think we’ve ever actually gotten into a real fight. We’ve had arguments, but even those are usually very sarcastic and not serious. If we do get mad at each other it’s usually over something like clothes or me losing something of hers. I do that a lot. I also break things quite frequently. 

In what ways are you similar/different?
C: Similar-We are both double jointed.
Different-Laura is artistically inclined and I cannot draw a stick figure.

L: We are very similar in our tastes. We pretty much always like the same music, movies, books, and TV shows. And our sense in fashion is similar but Ciara has always been the more experimental one in terms of fashion. We are different in some aspects of our personalities. Ciara is a person who likes to be in control, and I’m kind of the opposite. I like to just be along for the ride most of the time. The metaphor I’ve always made is that Ciara is naturally the driver, and I’m naturally the passenger. 

In what ways has your sister shaped you/affected you?
C: In every way possible is the best way I can answer this question!

L: I pretty much got into all the music I listen to because Ciara discovered it, therefore I discovered it, and music shapes so many aspects of your life. Who knows how I would have turned out had Ciara had a great interest in classical music.

Your favorite album of 2014/2015?
C: That's tough, either Daydream Forever by The Chain Gang of 1974 or Never Hungover Again by Joyce Manor.

L: Lana Del Rey-Ultraviolence. It’s basically been the soundtrack to my life. 

The thing you never leave home without? (Ciara, my guess for you is Red Bull. lol)
C: I'm on the road so much that I pretty much have my life in a suitcase in my car at all times, but my one thing would probably be Red Bull.

L: A V8 fusion energy drink and lipstick!

Favorite book/movie?
C: Favorite movie is a tie between Drive and Submarine. Favorite book would any oe from f the Harry Potter series, I grew up on that.

L: My favorite book is Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov and my favorite movies are Buffalo 66, Somewhere, American Beauty, and Drive.

What are you studying/what do you do (career wise)?
C: I'm a pharmacist!

L: I’m currently in college just taking my basics, I’m not entirely sure what career path I’m going to go down yet and I also work in the library at my college.

Little known fact?
C: I skipped the first grade.
Sister-wise-Laura can remember more about my own life experiences than I can. I don't know if it's due to her excellent memory or my terrible memory.

L: Me and Ciara used to be little beauty pageant queens when we were kids.

Thank you ladies for taking the time to answer these questions and modeling for these pics! It was lots of fun. After hearing about your sweet relationship I feel like I need to apologize (again) to my siblings for all that I put them through! 

You can find more pictures of these sisters on their instagrams:
Ciara: ciararocker
Laura: caller10

Sunday, July 6, 2014


Artwork by Cody Hillman/Danielle Miller

Artwork by Danielle Miller

Artwork by Danielle Miller

I was looking over past albums as Landon is working on a new one. Excited to see where this next one goes. 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Drumming is serious business, obviously. This is from two years ago. Sadly, I haven't gotten much better.

Our current home has separate rooms for music, art and living, but once upon a time, easels, drums, amps, paint and the like were all crowded into one average living room. At one point there were two drum sets. So, needless to say we are thankful for this space we have. We love it most when it is filled with friends making music. Thankfully, that is nearly everyday.